How does Acampa is financed?

For peace and the right to refuge
Acampa por la paz y el derecho a refugio is an initiative to raise public awareness, creating a web to exchange information that serves to counteract, as far as possible, all the disinformation provided by big media. We are working to strengthen the united action of organizations and people and, using checked and direct information, sensitize and call up a lot of young people to defend human rights.

The attention provided to refugees that are the focus of attention of committed people and organizations, could be approached in several ways: direct attention to their basic needs and also, and fundamental, citizen pressure to governments that must observe their own commitments related to refugee people that, in many cases, are waiting for months to have a chance to live in an independent way. Refugee people only want to go back to their lives, in peace; meanwhile, they demand a chance to restart their lives based in their own work. This activity of citizen and political pressure is basic to revert this situation of institutional abandonment.

In order to focus media attention in humanitarian crisis of refugee people and achieve a big percentage of social weave, we organized a meeting of people, victims, NGOs, volunteers, experts, and many others that contribute with their work and experience.

Acampa por la paz y el derecho a refugio, as a nonprofit organization is fed by volunteer work of dozens of specialized people that compose the work teams, contributing with their energy and knowledge to carry out this project. And even so, we need to collect funds to meet the infrastructure needs in order to be able to attract people attention and to be able to organize several activities in the city: exhibitions, workshops, meetings, conferences, guided visits to the camp, activities for children, etc.

Acampa has not paid professionals, nor own infrastructure and daily working spending are assumed by our volunteers.

Acampa obtains funds using different ways: thanks to people and organizations donations that join our web, also by micro- patronage campaigns, proposing the project to official announcement, also due to companies’ donations and pay in kind.

The funds we get don’t compete against with other designated to welfare work of other organizations of our web, nor even against other organizations working in the area.

Acampa aim is to be able of evidence the enormous lack of care of government for refugee suffering that are fleeing of conflicts caused this these governments and this task implies an enormous commitment of the people and the organizations that take part in Acampa. Revealing this evidence requires not only volunteer work but also enough resources to be able to create an event really echoing and in unison.