logo_a_bEvery day we receive information about serious events that impact us: wars, hunger, slavery, unemployment, violence, exclusion… that provoke the exodus of millions of people. Human beings who flee from pain, suffering and death, seeking refuge.
We are many people who want to act but do not always know how. With this intention is born   Acampa


We live in a world and at a time when every day we hear about globalization, as a euphemism for an aggressive and ruthless economic model. Little by little, a silent and powerful minority took control of the economy, technology, research, and rights as vital as health, education, territory, energy and water. They are the big transnational corporations, protected by friendly governments and the almost absolute control of information. They have no face and no conscience, and they do not allow international organizations to act to prevent the suffering of the majority of humanity. They do not lose sleep if the planet burns or dries up, if wars are designed to hoard resources and innocent people are killed or millions of people have to flee their homes and their land. Rodrigo Rato, who was managing director of the International Monetary Fund and vice-president of the Spanish government with José M.ª Aznar, explained the reason very well: “it is the market, my friend”.

How can we deal with such a well-constructed structure? What can the majority of humanity do to regain control of the planet and our lives? Only one thing: join forces and act. Become aware of our collective capacity and be able to say “enough“.

Acampa for peace and the right to refuge was born to work in this direction: the unity of action of organizations and citizens in the face of the helplessness in which the current States leave families who request an elementary right, the right to refuge. People who escape the consequences of the aggressive and inhuman policies of large corporations. In our own interest, we must respond in solidarity and demand respect for human rights throughout the world. If we allow the rights of those who knock on our door to be violated, the next step will be to lose ours, as is already happening.

In this second year of life of the Peace and Right to Refuge Acampa, we want to go deeper into a serious, urgent issue that is not recognized by any government: the right to refuge due to climate change.

According to UN reports, in the next thirty years the number of people who will need shelter due to climate change could range between 250 and 1,000 million. Most will be displaced in their own territory and a few, those with more resources, may try to change country. We can close our eyes or take the initiative; we can do it now or wait a time that may be irreversible. This is the personal and collective decision. The vast majority of the organizations and people who make up the Red Acampa act day by day on the ground and know very well what we are talking about. With initiatives such as Acampa for peace and the right to refuge we are doing our bit, trying to contrast the information, seeking and proposing alternatives, we are joining forces.

To take the next step, we need all hands and consciences.

Acampa 2018


It is a non-profit citizen initiative made up of social, cultural, educational, neighbourhood, political, trade union, artistic and solidarity groups, institutions and companies with social responsibility.


Its objective is to defend human rights, international humanitarian law and the right to refuge. It promotes participation and involvement.


Opens a meeting space to search for answers collectively. It delves into the causes of events in order to contrast the information.

Acampa is a movement that aims to create a network of information, exchange of ideas and initiatives involving about 60 organizations, mainly NGOs; there are also unions, parties and many people who think that unity and joint work are necessary to transform things that we do not like.
We can participate as an expression of commitment to peace and the right to refuge.

Acampa 2017

A Coruña, from 15 to 18 June 2017

Acampa 2018

A Coruña, from 14 to 16 June 2018

Upcoming events

20 June, 2019
  • Acampa 2019

    20 June, 2019 - 23 June, 2019 | 
    Jardines de Méndez Núñez, Jardines de Mendez Núñez, s/n, 15006 A Coruña, España - Ver en el mapa

12 September, 2019

    12 September, 2019 | 20:00 - 21:00
    Rúa Barcelona, 115, 15010 A Coruña, España - Ver en el mapa

    Análise da situación socio política actual.

    Mª Antonia Trillo Blanco
    (Dra. en Socioloxía e Secretaria de Feminismos en Podemos Galicia)

    Gonzalo Rodríguez
    (Profesor de Economía Aplicada da USC e membro de ATTAC)

    Manuel Lago
    (Economista e Deputado de En Marea)

    Lugar: Forum Propolis

Logo Acampa It is an active citizen meeting in which we have the participation of the protagonists, victims, NGOs, journalists; projections, photography, music, theater, clowns, artistic events of all kinds. Also guided visits to know how a refugee camp is, to better understand the real causes of war.

Who can participate?

Acampa facilitates citizen participation, each person brings his or her energy, capacity and opinion along with: NGOs, associations, political organisations, trade unions, institutions, informal groups, socially responsible companies, professional groups, etc.

How can you actively participate?

Making music, theatre, photography, cinema, humour, poetry… If you have a skill you want to participate in or if you have an idea to propose, DO NOT DON’T HESITATE, JOIN!
You can collaborate with a financial aid, which will be used to support the interests and needs of refugees, in the account: ES46 1491 0001 2530 0007 7549