Acampa 2021 Events list

For peace and right to refuge

Exhibitions 2021

09sepAll Day08octJudith PratMatria(All Day) Médez Nuñez Gardens

09sepAll Day08octXosé AbadMST: Land, Justice and Rights(All Day) Médez Nuñez Gardens

09sepAll Day08octVictor MoriyamaAmazon Deforestation(All Day) Médez Nuñez Gardens

09sepAll Day08octPablo Ernesto PiovanoThe Human Cost of Agrotoxins(All Day) Médez Nuñez Gardens

09sepAll Day08octLuis de VegaBoth sides of the wall(All Day) Médez Nuñez Gardens

09sepAll Day08octAkintunde AkinleyeDelta Bush refineries and other stories(All Day) Médez Nuñez Gardens

09sepAll Day08octJavier CorsoGreen Earth(All Day) Médez Nuñez Gardens

Virtual Exhibitions 2021

Delta Bush Refineries

Akintunde Akinleye

The Two Sides of the Wall

Luis de Vega

Green Earth

Javier Corso

The Human Cost of Agrotoxins

Pablo Piovano


Judith Prat

Amazon deforestation

Víctor Moriyama

MST: Land, Justice and Rights

Xosé Abad

Other Exhibitions

09sepTodo el día11Eva Carballo, Médicos del MundoRefugees in health(Todo el día) Music Box

09sepTodo el día11GreenPeace Photo ExhibitionFeeding the Monster(Todo el día) GreenPeace stand

09sepTodo el día11Map exhibition of Solidaridade InternacionalTrade with Meaning, Map of Spoliation(Todo el día) Organisations stand

Activities 2021

09sep10:00Accreditation of attendees Acampa 202110:00 Médez Nuñez Gardens

09sep10:30Inaugural Ceremony - Radio Acampa LiveConducted by Xurxo Souto10:30 CENTRAL TENT

09sep11:00Projection Video Summary Acampa 2019-2020Inside the Inauguration11:00 CENTRAL TENT

09sep12:30Guided visit to the MST CampWith Marga González, from Amnesty International12:30 Recreation Refugee Camp

09sep13:00Talk: Spoliation in HondurasOrganised by: Enxeñería Sen Fronteiras13:00 Alfonso Kiosk Assembly Hall

09sep17:00Workshop: Conscious MovementOrganised by: Poten100mos17:00 Alfonso Kiosk Assembly Hall

09sep18:00Documentary: El escritor de un país sin libreríasDirected by: Marc Serena, Presented by Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel18:00 CENTRAL TENT

09sep19:30Meeting: Luana Kaingang and Carlos Taibo, Moderated by Isabel BravoMeeting: Indigenous Peoples, the struggle for life - Collapse19:30


10sep11:30GUIDED TOUR BY PHOTOGRAPHER JAVIER CORSOGreen Earth11:30 Médez Nuñez Gardens

10sep11:3013:00Workshop: New narratives on forced migrationsOrganised by: Ecos do Sur11:30 - 13:00 Alfonso Kiosk Assembly Hall

10sep12:00Guided visit to the MST CampWith Marga González, from Amnesty International12:00 Recreation Refugee Camp

10sep13:00GUIDED VISIT BY THE PHOTOGRAPHER XOSÉ ABADMST: Land, Justice and Rights13:00 Médez Nuñez Gardens

10sep16:30Guided visit to the MST CampWith Marga González, from Amnesty International16:30 Recreation Refugee Camp

10sep17:0017:30Documentary: Retomadas, A loita IndíxenaDirector: Xosé Abad17:00 - 17:30 CENTRAL TENT

10sep18:00Presentation of the book: Historias AntieconómicasAuthor: Carlos Taibo18:00

10sep19:30Meeting: Rosa Mª Calaf and Julienne Luseng, Moderator Consuelo BautistaMeeting: O xornalismo como compromiso social, información, desinformación - Despoilment and Violence.19:30 CENTRAL TENT


11sep11:0012:30Board GamesOrganised by: Amnesty International11:00 - 12:30 Médez Nuñez Gardens

11sep11:30Guided visit to the MST CampWith Marga González, from Amnesty International11:30 Recreation Refugee Camp

11sep12:30Children's cinema: Azur y AsmarOrganised by AIRE12:30 Alfonso Kiosk Assembly Hall

11sep12:30Acampa Award for Human Rights DefencePresented by: Isabel Naveira12:30 CENTRAL TENT

11sep12:35A Bule Bule BandMusical Performance12:35 CENTRAL TENT

11sep13:00GUIDED VISIT OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER JUDITH PRATMatria13:00 Médez Nuñez Gardens

11sep16:0017:00Acampa Organisations AssemblyAcampa 2022 Proposals16:00 - 17:00 Alfonso Kiosk Assembly Hall

11sep16:00Theatre: AtrapadasGroup: Maquinarias Teatro16:00 CENTRAL TENT

11sep17:00Women, The Pillar of LifeOrganised by: Medicos del Mundo17:00 Music Box

11sep18:00A PHOTO A STORYJudith Prat, Javier Corso y Xosé Abad18:00 CENTRAL TENT

11sep19:00Meeting: Marina Dos Santos and Nicolás Castellano, Moderator Loreto SilvosoMeeting: Land, Justice and Rights - The Migration Crisis19:00

11sep20:30Closing ceremony Acampa 2021Presented by: Isabel Naveira20:30 CENTRAL TENT

11sep20:40Richi CasasMusical introduction20:40


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